How to copy protected PDF Text

PDF authors, publishers often like to set users password and owner password for protecting its copy right. For users, if you don't have or forget the password of PDF, you can't to copy text from encrypted PDF for reusing. However to resolve this problem?

PDF Password Remover is a professional tool for breaking PDF copy protection. After removing PDF encryption, you can copy text from protected PDF files for reusing.
Choose the right version and download it.
Tips: Before using our product to remove copy password protection, you must sure you can open the PDF files.
How to copy text from protected PDF files?
Step 1: Import encrypted PDF
After installing and launching the software, click “Add files” button to batch upload encrypted PDF files to the program.
Step 2: Output folder setting
Then only need to click the "Customize" button to set the output folder for the converted files.
Step 3: Remove copy password PDF
At last, click "Convert" button to remove the copy password from PDF files. 
Then, click "Open" to find the converted secure PDF files, and you can copy text from protected PDF files and reuse them.
So, download and have a try .

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